The Many Things Managing A Golf Course Entails

A golf course can be no longer than nine holes. Most small amateur or recreational clubs tend to operate that way. The standard length golf course is, of course, the full eighteen holes. Every discerning weekend golfer would have it no other way. Advance bookings are required to tee off at some courses. Why would that be? It could have something to do with the club. But nine holes out of ten, golf course management has seen to it becoming an attractive investment for the serious golfer. The greens and roughs and certainly the bunkers must offer enough challenges for the avid golfer before he reaches the green.

golf course management

But these challenges can never be insurmountable in the sense that it never allows him to improve on his golfing handicap. There must be sufficient variety throughout. There will be a few really tough hills and dales up ahead. But then there must also be a green within putting range of a hole in one. And it makes good business sense for golf course management to make sure that the hole in one is a strong possibility for many focused and hardworking golfers. Of course, they must practice, how else are they going to improve on their handicap. The good business culminates by the time all and sundry have gathered in the clubhouse.

They are waiting in anticipation for the hero of the moment to arrive. The drinks are on ice. But they will not be on the house. No, it is the poor or lucky chap who got him that hole in one that will be standing each and every member at least one round of drinks. And so it goes that you hear the cash register chimingÂ…